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Movie Posters
I created these poster as a 30th anniversary campaign for a local construction company. They chose to recreate movie posters from movies that premered 30 years ago.  My roles in creating this campaign was the photography of the employees and the design of each poster.  These posters aquired two awards from the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) of Colorado: People's Choice Award and Special Event (Print). They were also chosen to go on to complete in the national SMPS competition in Washington DC where they were awarded a national merit.
Back to the Future poster.jpg
Look Who's Talking.jpg
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.jpg
Honey I Shrunk the Kids.jpg
Little Mermaid poster.jpg
Major League.jpg
Say Anything....jpg
Energizer Bunny.jpg
Indiana Jones poster.jpg
Dead Poet's Society.jpg
Christmas Vacation.jpg
Field of Dreams poster.jpg
Steel Magnolia's.jpg
The Burbs.jpg
Weekend at Bernie's.jpg
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