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Magazine Covers & Sports Banners
The magazine covers are specifically designed for each individual senior as a thank you from Deines Designs Photography. The cover includes one of their photos, the things the senior loves to do right now in his/her life, school interests, and their future plans. The seniors love these magazine covers. They make great keepsakes for years to come.

The Sports Banners I design are made for athletes whom have achieved special recognition in their sport. The banner shown is for a wrestler who achieved 100 varsity wins in his high school career. 
Ashlei_Mag Cover.jpg
Erin_Magazine Cover.jpg
Erica - Mag Cover.jpg
Liana - Mag Cover.jpg
Nikki G_Magazine Cover.jpg
Olivia - Mag Cover.jpg
Lauren - Mag Cover.jpg
Kameron - Mag Cover.jpg
Katie - Mag Cover.jpg
Ariah_Mag Cover.jpg
BraydenBach_100thWin_small size.jpg
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